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Benefits of care at home services in Missouri City TX - Houston and surrounding regions

Statistics shows that more and more seniors are now utilizing home care services with millions of weekly home visits. There are reasons behind such an alarming statistics over other facilities such as nursing home and rehabilitation centers in Missouri City and across the nation.

  • Cost Effectiveness: There are no additional costs attached to these services. You don’t need to pay for room, admission charges or extra medical charges. These charges are almost unavoidable at hospitals, day care centers, nursing home or rehabilitation centers.
  • Faster Healing: Care at home gives you a healing touch. You are at home, near your family and you don’t feel isolated, so recovery is often quicker than in a hospital.
  • Customized Services: We keep your finances and convenience in consideration. We custom tailor the services as per your and the family’s needs.
  • Additional Care: The care provided by our Comfort Keepers home care agency could be supplemental to the care received from your family and friends as you stay at home.

We have specialized elder care staff that has an extensive experience of assessing your needs. We provide free, no obligation in home consultation and develop a customized care plan for you at no cost to you. We can also communicate with your doctors, nurses and physicians to see if you need any specialized care. Contact us now at (832) 539-6901 if you have any questions regarding home care services or if you wish to setup a no-obligation, inhome senior care assessment.

Why hire a home care agency for care at home and not a CNA or nurse’s aide?

When you decide that homecare is the right option for you, you don’t need to look for second options – contact Comfort Keepers to setup services for your loved one. Below are the reasons why hiring a home care agency may be the best option for you instead of privately hiring a CNA or a nurse aide.

Employment issues:

When you hire an individual as a nurse of aide you are responsible for his employment as you become the employer. In case of an issue such as an accident or injury while providing homecare or homehealth, you are held responsible as an employer. Furthermore you also need to take care of their legal documentation, their visa (if applicable), taxes, workman’s compensation and payroll as well.

Background Checks for your caretaker 

When you are hiring an individual that you don’t know for senior care at home you should performs their background check. You may not know where or how to even start that process. We are the experts and we provide this service for you. We check all the criminal records and other background checks before hiring the person. We make sure that before entering to your home, the person has a clear background check in compliance with state and Comfort Keepers’ policy.

Security and theft by home care provider

With a new person in your home, you may feel threaten or less secure. In case of any mishap or theft you have to report and need to investigate yourself. You may not have the proper insurance in place to cover you for such an incident. If you hire Comfort Keepers home care agency, we take care of all these issues for you and carry the proper insurance to protect you from such an incident if it were to happen.

Caregiver Call-ins

In-case your privately hired caregiver calls in sick for your care at home needs, you may not have a replacement caregiver to provide care for your loved one. At Comfort Keepers, professional and loving elderly caregiving is our business; we can provide a backup caregiver in most instances so that you may continue your day without any change in plans.

Training and Development

We believe in continuous improvement. That is the reason why we train our people initially and then set them to receive more training over a period of time. The trainings include topics such as disease prevention, fire prevention, emergency preparation, infection control and so on.

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