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With Interactive Caregiving™, our home caregivers provide exceptional elder care

Elder care is what we do at Comfort Keepers®. Interactive Caregiving is our unique way of excelling in in-home care in Missouri City and other areas of Houston, TX.

We have a team of special people dedicated to caregiving. We call them Comfort Keepers®. These caregivers make the daily encounters with seniors a deliberately great one because they commit themselves to enriching their lives by having meaningful talks that help our seniors thrive emotionally, mentally, socially and physically.

How Does Comfort Keepers Elder Care Make A Difference with Interactive Caregiving?

At Comfort Keepers® we have a strong affinity for senior citizens and believe that through Interactive Caregiving they are able to have a healthier, happier, quality and longer life. According to some research studies, an active lifestyle leads to great health benefits in later life as one ages and becomes elderly.

Based on senior client’s unique personality, interests, health needs and abilities we are able to map out an Interactive Caregiving elder care plan. This is in addition to the senior in home care plan that our client care coordinator would develop. The activities carried out in the plan could include:

  • Taking short walks (physical stimuli)
  • Doing household chores together (physical stimuli)
  • Having small talks on current events or personal interest (mental stimuli)
  • Preparing and eating meals together (emotional stimuli)
  • Viewing photo albums and recalling the events of past (emotional & mental stimuli)
  • Playing and dancing to music (physical stimuli)
  • Enjoying some moments playing games (mental stimuli)
  • Listening to music and perhaps, dancing (physical stimuli)
  • Paying a visit to other seniors (physical & emotional stimuli)
  • Going to the church or mall (physical, emotional & mental stimuli)
  • Participating in civic groups and meeting people (mental stimuli)


Comfort Keepers® all across the nation strives to ensure that seniors are happy and safe in their homes by delivering personal care services, elderly companionship and homemaking services from the heart. We monitor to ensure that the quality of a senior’s life is improved and is at a better level than what is obtainable in a typical elder care home using our unique Interactive Caregiving methodology. Through this method we are able to make your loved one have a richer, active and fulfilled life – all at their own home, where they are most comfortable.


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