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Home Care Options: Is Affordable Home Care Available in Houston - Missouri City and other areas in Texas?

There are several types of home care options available

There are a lot of affordable home care options out there when it comes to elderly home care and what matters the most is that you know what you’re looking for, ask the right questions and get professional answers so that you don’t have to worry while selecting the correct service from among a plethora of service providers for you or for a close family member in order to live in independently. .

Common Home Care Services by Senior Care Agencies:

Home care service providers offer help for elderly such that they can stay safely and independently at home. Such services can be divided into three primary subtypes: Homemaker Services (entails weekly shopping, conveyance, cooking, company, cleaning etc.), personal care services (such as special meals, showering, grooming, hygiene, medication reminders, etc) and more specific services (around the clock care, 24 hour crisis prevention, care for customers with special neurologic problems such as Alzheimers care and Dementia care at home, etc.)

These senior and adult care service providers may be employment-based (click to view caregiver jobs in Missouri City, TX and Houston, TX), independent or may use registries. The difference lies in who the employer of the caregiver is and thus is responsible for employer obligations such as labor laws, taxes, payroll and insurance amongst many other things.

Employment based senior care services agencies:

These can be franchise companies or local care corporation businesses and thus take complete control and care of every little detail, from hiring the caregivers and authenticating their references to paying for defilement costs. This gives freedom to customers in a number of ways, since they’re not troubled with employer regulations, the accountability of the caregiver, reimbursements or insurances for the employee, their training procedures, qualifications and endorsements, unavailability of the regular caregiver (another employee can be charged with the care in absence of the main caregiver) and continuous care giving programs to keep the service as smooth as possible.


Registries may be an affordable home care option for senior care, but it may not be the best option. Why? These serve as registries of information regarding the caregivers, who act as contract labor but the extent of their coverage by the registries vary and they are also not trained prior to being tasked with taking care of individuals, nor are they continually kept under check by the registries themselves. Instead, they act to provide suitable employees to the customers so that they can enjoy the services in an efficient manner. However, one must keep some things in mind while choosing such a service provider, such as who the employer of the service provider is (thus responsible for tax withholdings and other obligations), whether the caregiver’s accountability has been ascertained, if insurance coverage is provided and is maintained, the caregiver’s qualifications, the mode of payment and any supervision of the caregiver, if provided.

Senior Care Services Provides by Private Individuals:

These services usually consist of an individual being hired who is advertising or is someone in the area who is known for providing such services. Again this may seem to be an affordable home care option for your loved one, but in the long run, you do want the peace of mind of having a home care agency provide the service instead. The caregiver in this case is directly hired by the customer and some things should be kept in mind for this type of employment. The client is the employer in this case, responsible for taxes and other details. He must ensure proper caregiver coverage and insurance himself, do background checks on the employee and authenticate his qualifications. So, the client takes the role of the agency himself and must do everything that the agency would otherwise.


Why home care is essential for some seniors? And what to do in the event a senior is a risk of fall or if they fall.

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